Video Editing Laptops Buying Guide

Purchasing a new laptop can be quite a tricky task. Given the sheer number of laptop models currently available on the market, you could easily find yourself overwhelmed with choices. Unfortunately, things get even worse when looking for a laptop that will serve a specific purpose, such as gaming or video editing.

Finding a perfect video editing laptop may seem like rocket science unless you know what to look for and how to compare individual components. To make things easier for you, we have prepared a small video editing laptop buying guide that will surely help you in your endeavor.

Guide to buying a computer for video editing

Go with an SSD drive

345rtesraeThere are a plethora of reasons why you should go with an SSD, instead of an HDD. In general, the main reason is speed. Since video editing heavily relies on the speed of your laptop’s components, getting an SSD is a no-brainer. SSD drives are much more power-efficient and faster. Also, they are also much lighter than HDDs as well as much less noisy than traditional hard drives.

A fast CPU

When looking for an excellent video editing laptop, don’t waste your time on laptops with weak CPUs. For that matter, you will need nothing less than a powerful 4-core CPU. If you plan on making 4K videos, be prepared to spend a hefty sum of money, because that will require top-of-the-line, 8-core CPUs, that can also be overclocked. On the other hand, if you are interested in basic video editing, a decent dual-core CPU will do just fine.

A powerful GPU

Quality video editing requires a good amount of graphics processing power. If you want a decent performance and high framerates, you will need a laptop with a dedicated graphics card. Here, you will have to be extra careful, because there are plenty of laptops that feature integrated graphics cards. When it comes to video editing, these are almost useless. Therefore, make sure to carefully check whether a laptop features a dedicated graphics card, and if so, that it has at least 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

USB Ports

While the majority of laptops feature 2.0 USB ports, there is a good number of those that offer 3.0 USB ports. For that matter, look for the laptops that feature at least a couple of 3.0 USB ports. These will come extremely handy when connecting external storage devices, thus making the entire video editing process much easier and smoother. For the best balance, look for a laptop that has four 2.0 USB ports and two 3.0 USB ports.


we45rtydsraeIf you are someone who is constantly on the move, you will need a laptop that has 4 to 6 hours of battery life. This is very important unless you want to spend your precious time looking for electric outlets now and then. Keep in mind that the bigger the screen is and the more powerful the components are, the stronger the battery will have to be.

VGA connectors and HDMI ports

If you are professionally into video editing, you are probably tasked with creating all kinds of presentations. To prepare and display a quality presentation, you will need a laptop with VGA connectors, as well as HDMI ports, if your videos are made in HD quality.

With all the above things in mind, it is advisable to learn more about picking the right laptop for your video editing projects. You can also visit https://laptopverge.com/best-laptops-for-video-editing to find out more on some of the leading laptops for video editing computers in the market.…


Features of the Best Drumsticks

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hgghhghgcxcxcxcxOne of the features of the drumstick is with regards to the material used. The hickory is the popular material used to make the drumsticks. The Hickory is strong, dense, stiff, and has absorption properties. The other material is maple that gives you lighter but tougher drumsticks. There are also drumsticks made of wood like oak. However, the material that is popular is graphite and aluminum. It is because aluminum and graphite do not break easily. Therefore, you can choose the drumstick made of the best material to give you flexibility when drumming.


The taper refers to the part of the stick that is thinner going to the tip. The length of the taper affects the way you will play. When buying a drumstick, make sure you go for one that is longer. A longer taper will make it quicker to play the drum set. However, you need to be careful because it can easily break. The taper is an essential item since it helps you to play your drum faster. Without the taper, it will be difficult to play your drum.

Tip shape

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