Buying The Best SSD For Gaming

Choosing an SSD for gaming is a big decision. For one thing, how does one know that an SSD is what one needs to improve their gaming experience? Is the cost worth it? These and many more questions may be floating in one’s head as one buys a new computer or builds one from scratch. So, if you are considering buying one for yourself, this post here covers it in greater detail.

How Does An SSD Effect Gaming Performance?

333ncnefjiejsAn SSD will dramatically cut down on loading times and hitches in an open world due to the faster processing speed of an SSD over an HDD. An SSD delivers above 400MB/s while a standard HDD delivers under 170MB/s.

Is The Cost Worth It?

This is a personal question, but the consensus is yes. Putting the OS of the computer and the games one chooses to play on an SSD results in much faster loading times for both. If one can afford it, upgrading to an SSD is worth it.

How To Choose An SSD For Gaming


A reliable SSD is a must, with the cost of SSDs these days, no one wants their drive to fail. Some excellent brands to choose from are Samsung, Intel, Crucial, OCZ, or Kingston. Read customer reviews to ensure that the model one is looking at is the right model for the needs of the gamer, and that it won’t fail after only a few months of use.

SATA3 Support

SATA3 allows up to 6GB/s of data transfer, so ensure that the SSD is SATA3 capable. Of course, the motherboard of the computer has to be able to handle SATA3 as well. Otherwise one will only get SATA2 speeds which are still faster than a traditional HDD. But if the motherboard is upgraded, one will have the highest speeds currently available.


22nfjhfuwObviously the first and easiest choice, how large should the SSD be? That largely depends on budget, as an SSD is the much pricier choice. One may need to install both an SSD and an HDD depending on budget constraints to get the maximum amount of drive space possible.

Think about the programs and games used most often, as well as how great the OS is; that’s what will most likely end up on the SSD to speed up loading times. Don’t forget to allow for garbage’ space, as one will not get the entirety of the listed size due to built-in options. Recommended size is over 120GB.

An SSD can make an enormous difference in the loading speed of one’s games and OS loading, which makes it worth buying. Do not forget to factor in the possible cost of an HDD as well as the SSD to maximize drive room when purchasing.…