Choosing a great bed wetting alarm

Bed wetting is not an uncommon occurrence as a child grows and develops. It can be due to one or more condition such as a small bladder, increase urine production over night, constipation, and food sensitivities. It is an unpleasant occurrence but not treatable.

Now you have access to a unique form of an alarm that alerts the parents, child, or both during the moment in which the child begins to urinate. The alarm is designed to give an alert, and waking the child. This allows the child to recognize what had happened, and travel to the toilet to empty his/her bladder properly.

Over time this will become a habit, second nature, and the child will no longer need the alert. Their body will recognize the occurrence before it is to late, and reach the toilet in time to properly empty his/her bladder.


333vvvWhen you are purchasing this unique alarm, there are some important questions that must be asked, and then a choice made as to which alarm will best suit the child, and living situation. Example, if an auditory alarm was chosen, and the parent or guardian’s bedroom is to far to hear the alarm, then they must add equipment to the use of the alarm to better hear it as it sounds.

Let’s look at the way some of these are designed, and what to expect with their use. With this, you will have the ability to make a more clear choice to better suit your situation.


Bed wetting alarms will range in price, and can alert the child, parent, or both in more than one way. This varies based on the specific alarm. Example, An alarm such as the Wet-stops 3 is designed to give off a sound, and a vibration at the occurrence of urine. It has been providing the assistance against bed wetting for over thirty-five years, and at a price easily managed by most types of households.

Type of alarm

Another option is called the Malem Ultimate Selectable Bed wetting alarm. This particular type of alarm will also emit a sound, and vibration to alert the child. If you are looking for something more with the ability to increase or degree sound, I suggest the Chummie Bed wetting Alarm. This alarm comes equip with two levels of 21bbbvolume as well as a strong vibration.

When you are looking at the available options for bed wetting alarms, be sure to read their descriptions to know better what to expect. Consider your current situation in your residence, and buy appropriately.

The louder devices are better suited for, the heavier sleepers, as well as being able to alert the parents. If there is no need for a device such as this, simply purchase the lesser forms that still offer the alert through a vibration, sound, or both.…